Are you interested in printing your ideas with digital printing on different materials for your personal and commercial use?

If you know the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing, you can decide whether you are using the right printing method or not.

Getting printed expertly is a key part of any business for giving a task a reliable image. Whether it’s a business card, brochure, printed files, an event flyer, or other printed materials are unknowingly the first impression your business makes on a potential targeted consumer.

Yet there are a few different methods that can be used for professional printing- essentially digital or traditional offset.

So, do you know which one is better?

Many surveys and research show that digital printing has recently grown in popularity. In fact in 2017 digital printing calculated for 16.2% of the world print market value. As a consequence of its heightened popularity, most people often believe that digital printing is the ideal option for them, which isn’t always the case.

This post will provide you detailed information about the pros & cons of digital printing. This can help you to make better decisions or know why digital printing is ideal for you.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is regarded as the technique of photocopy from a digital printing straightly of media.

It means you can directly use your media files such as PDF, Images, Vector shape, for example, directly to the digital printer. You don’t need to make any plates, and fix time is a division of the time offset printing would take.

A digital printer is a machine that takes your files using a Raster Image Processor (RIP) and converts them to print on paper specifically produced for digital presses.

Now, Let’s understand some benefits of digital printing.

The Advantages of Digital Printing

Professional often recommend digital printing to their customers because they carry a bunch of pros which includes:

  • Effectiveness

Digital printing is amazingly fast!

The considerable bonuses of digital printing are the ability to switch over to a new level almost instantly. It means by using digital printing you will lose the time to set up and printing machines, your order is likely to reach its calculated days, if not weeks earlier.

Mostly when looking to print informational items you will be faced with a very rigid deadline to not only design the graphics but also print them.

With too many subtasks on the same task, it can be tough and so the speed at which your printer can get this done and delivered is important.

In the comparison of other methods of printing such as screen printing methods, digital printing provides a quick reversal time reduction of setup and interruption needed.

Any good print supplier will also be able to turn this around in a short time, many within days and some within 24 hours. Although it is always best to check with your print provider, time is taken to get the job done.

  • High-quality

Unbelievably, nothing can surpass digital printing when it comes to quality!

Quality of output is the key aspect of any kind of print process. Digital printing promises a great standard, job done with full gradation and color.

Digital Printing is opted for by many industries including manufacturing, Marketing, Real Estate and also getting more popularity in fashion industry tech trends because of its ideal registration of wide ranges of colors and customizable shapes.

As a consequence, color appears clear and vibrant, uncovering all prospects of possible design. You can use white ink while printing for the glossy finishes or embossed effect, adding to the design further.

Images printed through digital printing are necessarily flawless, alignment and registration issues are non-existent, and the color is vibrant. A digital printer can also use the whole length of a printable item.

  • Cost-effective

Digital printing can save your pocket!

Preparation is greatly decreased given there is no need for printing plates or color matching. Digital printing is a cost-effective option due highly to the lack of setup needed. It means the whole process goes smoothly at once, reducing man-hours.

Consequently, the cost of digital printing is normally far inexpensive than screen printing similarly. Traditional printing depends on plates and films, which can cost heavy. Digital printing doesn’t. Setting up the printing machinery is simpler, making costs lower.

Since digital printing doesn’t need setup, there is a great cost reduction, mainly for a small amount of printing.

  • Environment friendly

For the environment lover, a digital printer is an ideal option!

Digital printing is good for the environment in that it uses less ink. Ink is only ever injected into areas of the design that need it. As a result in far less waste and a quicker clean-up operation typically.

Somewhere digital printers are proven to generate less in the way of CO2 emissions. Some other printing machines even select to deploy polymer-based inks, which come without harmful air pollutants (HAPS).

Alternatively, they consume less energy and release fewer greenhouse gases, particularly compared to solvent-based inks or the UV-curable variety.

  • Optimizing

Digital printing is raising its popularity because it’s ever-evolving.

The technology industry has greatly improved from its appearance in the 1990s. It is predicted that another 30 years from now, you will get the more convenient and capable equipment for professional printing, for now, it is a digital printer.

  • Greater choice

A most considerable advantage of digital printing is the fact polymers don’t have to be held in place quite so firmly. As a result, greater customization can be done in the form of different items.

Digital flatbed printers are also known to print onto materials up to 50mm thick. This enables for applications other print processes simply could not entertain.

In conclusion, you can print onto just about any material. That’s why digitally printed materials range from posters to outdoor signage.

  • Accurate proofing

Getting to see an example of your design before carrying out printing 100$ units is key and can make the difference between having an ideal design and making that will last ever, probably costing your business money!

One of the benefits of digital printing is that you get image-perfect, accurate proofing before performing to print. The proof, which will mostly be as a PDF, will provide a chance to see the final design and give you a chance to review and identify any changes in design, typos, or errors in judgment.

You can be assured in this all that you haven’t wasted your print budget. It’s especially helpful when generating business cards for instance. A digital printing press also has the chance to generate every unit in a way that makes sure each unit looks accurately the same.

The Disadvantage of Digital Printing

While nothing is perfect in this world there are few cons of digital printing that drop their value little to match in all types of business.

  • Limited color matching capability

Even with the constant development in digital printing, it can sadly still be tough to suit Pantone colors accurately when taking on this method. This is due to the differences in inks, rasterization techniques, and toners with each printing machine, causing small differences in the color finish when printed.

While quality prints are particularly feasible, digital printing cannot recreate metallic and fluorescent colors within the layout. This is far from the best if you are looking to get something a little more appealing.

If you are looking to print a design with bright or metallic colors, screen printing would be a more suitable method as it gives much greater versatility in terms of full-color options.

  • Material option

When large amounts of print first entered the print scene limitations of items were limitless. These days with the great improvement in ink and material technology. It is probable to print conveniently in ink and material technology.

It is possible to print fortunately onto a host of materials ranging from plastics, woods, plastics, glass, and PVC’s. There are of course some items such as polyesters and polycarbonate where screenprint winds hand down for ink keys. Custom arrays for example are better realized this way.

  • Durability

Digital printing provides a reasonable standard of durability especially those that provide UV curable inks.

Whilst it can’t be said that ink dim will never happen if the correct materials for the project are used as a rule a 3-4 years life can be expected of externally exposed items.

Now, it’s your turn to experience the amazing advantages of digital printing

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