Do you want to know the appropriate way and tools to cut the aluminum composite panel? Cutting Aluminium panels is not an easy task if you don’t have proper knowledge and experience.

Aluminum composite panels (ACP) are the most chosen type of metal when talking about modern architecture. The fact behind this is that the variation of panel shape, size, and material properties are used, can make the processing of these materials a real challenge in many cases.

Don’t worry! 

We are going to provide comprehensive information regarding all aspect that is essential to be known about Aluminum Composite panel. In this article, we are covering the following point:

What indeed is an aluminum composite panel?

An aluminum composite panel is a three-layered sandwiched panel either by holding together with an adjustable aluminum sheet material with a great aesthetic or bonded to a polyethylene (PE) core. 

These panels are splendid materials used for both interior and exterior applications that seek excellent structural stability, sparkling and sleek surfaces.

It is often used in strengthening architecture, fabrication, commercial interiors, framing, archiving, and the vehicle industry when special requirements are placed on the stability, and flexibility of the construction parts on the durability of glazes or weight reduction. 

Key Features  of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite panel is best for the aesthetic quality combined with rigid and ease of fabrication. It is available in inclusive exotic colors and thicknesses but it also has some other key feature that can be deniable:

  • Lightweight 
  • Can be used for screen and direct-to-substrate digital printing
  • High firmness and structural durability 
  • Easy to work with/fabricate
  • Simple to cut, router fold, and bend 
  • High resistance to weather and erosion
  • Low thermal expansion 
  • Recyclable 
  • Economical

Uses of the Aluminum composite panel

It is used in industries such as visual merchandising, commercial interior and exterior constructions, fine art applications, framing, and many more.  

There are various uses of an Aluminum composite panel in our diurnal life. 

  • Signage 
  • Retail display
  • Exhibitions stands and displays
  • Shopfitting
  • Interior design 
  • Furniture
  • Period of sale 
  • Purchase
  • splitting, wall partitions, and dissolved ceilings.  

Benefits of aluminum composite panels

The material provides the richest color selections, allowing the creative and bravest ideas of the home renovation designers.  Moreover, the nature of the composite aluminum panel provides the aspect to remain entire for more than 25 years, resisting severe weather conditions. 

Thus, customers save money on avoiding annual repairs and often replacement of panels. Other advantages of the option of this composite panel:

  • A safe choice that endures fire
  • Well-to-do cleanable and maintained 
  • Flexibility in choosing colors
  • Energy-efficiency is guaranteed
  • Durable and strong material that keeps the structural integrity and doesn’t deteriorate with time
  • The most-light weighted
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Affordable aluminum composite panel

Reasons to cut aluminum composite panel (ACP)

Usually, designers and engineers substitute ACP panels for wood in dimensional signage, architecture covering, case of purchase, and displays.

Cutting the aluminum composite panel means one of the most habitual and useful fabrications for both residential and commercial purposes into pieces of specified dimensions which is the initial stage of the installation procedure. 

Aluminum composite panels need special tools and equipment. Circular milling cutters and saws are known as hand-held tools utilized for cutting reasons. 

They are other industrials apparatuses, that have immense ease of use, for example, CNC router, laser-cut, shears, and cold chisels.

With this stuff, manufacturing slim and thick longboards are conceivable, and cutting aluminum composite panels will be over with accuracy.

Best tools used to cut Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP):

Aluminum composite panels are best cut with a strong saw with blades that have inverse teeth angled. 

But we have brought different other methods for cutting aluminum with comprehensive information of tools, and equipment that can be used as per the concern. 

Method 1# Use Jigsaw to Cut Aluminum Composite Panel

Cutting aluminum composite panels with a jigsaw is quite possibly the most well-known strategy in the production industry. Jigsaw is flexible equipment and it is equipped for making straight slabs through any thickness. This apparatus can likewise make angles and bends.

For aluminum cutting, an extraordinary sharp edge is needed for the jigsaw to make exact and smooth cuts.  A 24-toothed cutting edge or more exceptional is approvable for this reason. The higher, the teeth depend on the edge, the smoother the cut will be. 

Method 2# Cutting ACP Using Circular Saw

A Circular saw is normally used to make straight-line cuts on ACP panels and Sidings. The technique can be adapted effectively by anybody willing to do the procedure in the home.

In any case, because of its risks, seeing the safety conventions is fundamental.  The apparatus should be estimated earlier to start the procedure. A Circular saw should never be turned on when the edge faces the material, which is required to be cut. Wearing safety goggles is highly suggested for securing eyes from debris or flying dust during the method. 

Method 3# Shearing

Shearing is one of the best and oldest apparatus techniques for cutting metals. Cutting aluminum composite panels with this machine is similar to utilizing scissors to cut the cardboard. To break the material into wanted clear sizes, the cutting edges of the machine meet up at any rate balance, which is depicted as a “sharp edge hole”.

The harder or thicker the panel, the more extensive the gap between the sharp edges should be, to diminish the measure of weight requires to break the material, up to the rating of the machine. The segments of shear are involved with mainframe, bed, square arm, hold-downs, cutting edges, gaging, and control.

They are two sorts of shear available in the industry, which are guillotine and swing bear that are pressure-driven(hydraulic) or mechanical. 

Method 4# Cold Chisels for Cutting

For cutting aluminum, the cold chisel should be 1 inch more extensive than the material. After picking a suitable chisel, the device should be sharpened to a 60-70 degree slant with a sharpening guide. At that point, the composite panel is bought to be set into the center point of the vice and being fixed solidly. 

The arrangement of the chisel ought to be finished with vice-versa’s screw and pounding the material. Notice that utilizing a claw hammer is prohibited. This cutting technique should be possible in 30 seconds. Anything longer than the time expected methods the chisel isn’t picked effectively for the sheet.

Method 5# CNC Router

CNC router is perhaps the most utilized machine in the industry for cutting numerous materials. This machine is likewise relevant for cutting and manufacturing ACPs. While cutting aluminum with a router it is critical to recollect removing materials absolutely, which is an interesting method because of the resolution of the product. 

This impact can be decreased by utilizing lubricants. This is a direct result of the more tight windows for the feed and speed when cutting aluminum composite panels.

It is adequate to vacuum the machine routinely to clean the excess chips, which can be irritating while at the same time working. If you want 

Method 6#  Laser cutting

The fiber laser system is used for cutting reflective material like aluminum. A laser marking spray marks a dark, long-lasting stain on the surface of the material after it is implemented but because of marking ACP, CO2 lasers can also do an accurate job.

This innovation is unique with its capacity of not leaving any shadings on the materials in the procedure. The laser beam has a small distance across contrasted with another tooling, for example, router pieces and die cutters.

Moreover, these machines are capable of doing complicated cutting jobs and allowing more freedom than the typical CNC router. 

Aluminum composite panels having high blend points can be cut into pieces easily when using laser cutting services, finishing in optimal sheet usage, and modification of material waste. 

Method 7# Drilling Holes

Drilling holes is trouble-free. Use power tools with High-Speed Steel (HSS) bits to get a good, clean finish.

Bonus points

While picking one of these methods, carefully study the instructions. Before starting the process, ask yourself whether you have enough experience and skills. 

To avoid rough corners, blurred rim, or other unpleasant consequences of unsuitable and clumsy cutting, it is better to contact experts who work installation jobs rather than DIY.

Cleaning: If cleaning is required before procedure or print, apply a light rubbing alcohol. Once installed, it is easily cleaned with detergent and water.

Final words

When cutting aluminum, cover the mess, the noise generated by large machinery should need to get rid of or use of correct sharp edges, and contamination. 

While some products are intended to provide clean cuts that reduce fall out, for other saws, the simple solution of housing is the saw separate room from your diurnal room which can help reduce the trash, moreover, keeps your initial workspace clear.

Regarding sharp edges, a multi-substrate cutter uses two wheels to slice through aluminum composite panels and sheet aluminum, reducing the need for further finishing and without contamination. 

And always remember Safety firstIt means that by neglecting to use safety goggles or gloves, you can lead yourself to danger and life-risks. For power tools, it is recommended even to purchase a respirator.

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