After the selection of plastic material, what’s the next step? Do you want to customize it to a proper size and suitable length? Well, Any Shape Plastic not only supply plastic material but also offer custom plastic cutting service.


Custom cut to size plastic cutting service

We can cut down any plastic material in any quantity. From a single sheet to more than 100 or more, custom plastic cutting service has the capabilities to cut down the plastic material into any size, and shape.

In most of the cases, clients prefer to purchase cut to size rectangles plastic sheet. As it tends to save time, and delivery cost, but they don’t actually get the desired shapes and size.

Our cutting department is highly equipped with needed infrastructure; therefore, they have the capability of cutting any plastic sheets efficiently and quickly.


Custom Plastic Cutting capabilities

  • Latest software yielding optimization.
  • Computerized panel for high and tight tolerance cuts.
  • Cuts and converts expertise to save money and time.

Any Shape Plastic continuously invests in the latest plastic technology to support customized needs. With custom plastic cutting service, all you need is to submit the design and get the product delivered the very next day. Our custom plastic cutting service, you can quickly and economically create intrinsic designs that are sometimes complex. From our service, you get smooth cuts.


Custom plastic cutting service is offered to:

  • Acrylic
  • ABS
  • HDPE
  • PETG
  • Foam PVC
  • Polycarbonate & more

There are hundreds of different types of plastics you can cut and engrave to an extraordinary application. So far, we have offered out custom plastic cutting services in medical, and industrial fields. Our capabilities are ideal for modifying holes, cuts, and features.

Our only focus since our establishment has been customer satisfaction and exceeding the requirements of our consumers through continuous improvement in service. For the customer plastic cutting, do send in the required vector and the size.

To know more about the custom plastic cutting service in Sydney, contact us!

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