About Us

Any shape Plastics Pty Ltd has developed a reputation for service, quality, and the expertise to deliver goods on time. With over 27 years experience in the industry and with the support of our experienced staff Any shape Plastics supplies to the Australian market high finished quality products and specialty state-of-the-art plastic materials. With many years of experience in the plastics industry, our able and dedicated staff members are qualified to solve your plastic problems, answer your questions, and satisfy your plastic needs.

Any shape Plastics Pty Ltd has an extensive machining facility located at our Granville factory in Sydney, utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machinery including Laser Cutting machines, providing our customers with high-quality machined components and fabricated parts. We also provide our customers with a Digital Printing and Vinyl Cutting Service which includes retail signage, graphic design, and wide format printing.

Our team of talented custom Sydney fabricators and designers can take your ideas from the concept stage right through to the completed application wing our customers the peace of mind that their product is delivered the way they want it. Our commitment to customer service starts the minute we answer the phone.

The ability to respond to our customer needs, from the design stage to on-time product delivery. At Any shape Plastics, we are not just looking for a sale, but more importantly the opportunity to build a relationship as your preferred plastics and signage solutions provider.