When you need something made up of plastic, you would like plastic fabrication but that would be as crude form as the use of an arc welder and a transportable cutting torch.

Once you need something manufactured from plastic, you would want to know the plastic specifications according to your requirement (delicate plastic decorations, steel construction beams, or something in between) and then their you need is a custom plastic fabrication service.

So, if you are searching for custom fabrication service, and looking for a detail understanding and process, you have come to the right place. As here we shall discuss the high ends of custom fabrications, and its usefulness.

What does custom plastic fabrication mean?

Custom fabrication definition stands for a standard practice of fabricating of plastics in different shape, size, and design as per the unique client requirement.

With the introduction of advanced technology, every specific requirement of custom fabrications is often taken care of perfection.

Custom plastic fabrication employs a good range of commercial tools and equipment which will cut, bend, roll and join plastic into complex shapes. Therefore, plastic fabrications are widely used in various industries such as construction, aerospace, energy, mining, and shipbuilding.

Alongside it uses a good range of specialized industrial equipment to realize its desired result. The foremost common plastics utilized in this process includes,

  • Polymer fillers
  • Base resins
  • Pigment masterbatches
  • Blowing agents
  • Flame-retardants
  • Purge compounds


The customized plastic fabrication process

Three primary functions of a custom plastic fabricator are: cutting the plastic stock to desired shapes and sizes, forming the plastic by bending or manipulating. Each of the processes starts with plastic cutting, forming, and assembly.

  1. Plastic Cutting:

Plastic Cutting is the first and foremost step for custom fabrication. Here different tools like notches, punches, lasers, plasmas, shears, and saws are used. Plastics are often cut using specialized saws, shears, and sources of utmost heat, which may include high-definition plasma and laser cutters. It also uses a subset of cutting that is punching, which creates holes or openings through plastic pieces.

  • SAWS: Industrial plastic saws are available in various shape. Large circular saws or specialty band saws cut most of the plastic, from plate plastic up to large construction I-beams. Saws are used for straight-line cuts. They are often utilized in “beamlines,” where the beams are sent down to a roller conveyor to move exact sizes dictated by architectural drawings.
  • SHEARS: Shears for custom plastic fabrication are industrial machines of varied sizes and configurations that cut sheet. Rated for various thicknesses, these machines cut the plastic using opposing blades, almost like the operation of scissors. Though one side is generally fixed, the opponent moves in an angled levering motion. Some, like bench shears, are operated manually. Large shears are operated with hydraulics, including rams for holding the fabric. Shears are commonly used for straight-line cuts.
  • HIGH-DEFINITION PLASMA AND LASER: Industrial plasma can cut custom shapes like circles or complex curves. In developed countries like Australia, instead of manual operation, it is operated with computer numerical control (CNC). A plasma cut is crude than laser. Laser cutting machines are used for precise cuts in any plastics, hence, through the high-definition plasma and laser-cut, you can get intricate shapes, like decorative copper filigree.
  • PUNCH AND NOTCH: Industrial plastic punches the plastic to make openings of any shape or size. Generally, CNC is used for these high-pressure devices by allowing the use of mechanical, electro-mechanical, or hydraulic force.
  1. Forming:

Forming happens after plastics are cut. Machines generate an excellent deal of force allowing the CNC techniques to form any desired shapes. Through fabrication one can press, bake, and roll any plastic of an enormous range of thicknesses and sizes. This increases the flexibility of the plastic making It ideal for any applications.

  1. Assembly:

Once the plastics are formed, they are assembled and joined. This process typically involves welding the pieces alongside the intense heat without compromising the traits of the individual pieces.


Benefits of Custom Plastic Fabrication

There is nothing like the craftsmanship and wonder of handcrafted plastic work. Whether you are making a product for a purely functional purpose, custom plastic fabrication works stand out. However, the difference you can feel is quite aesthetics.

Typically, fabricated products with “one size fit all” concept is used. Products created through custom plastic fabrication are used to customize plastic needs.

Custom plastic fabrication work has to be done with syndicate’s traditional hammer and furnace methods with modern technologies like plasma cutting, water jet cutting, and AutoCAD. This ensures the accuracy of the fabrication and allows you to anticipate your exact requirement.

Custom Fabrication Services

A company that gives fabrication services provides welding, plastic bending, machining, grinding, stamping, and powder coating service. Many industrial units lay down the requirement of creating plastic parts. Here, approaching a corporation that gives the best in school solution for custom fabrication would be an honest idea.

When you approach a reputed company, you will expect excellent service like laser cutting, punching, possibly tube and angle role framing, stamping, plastic forming, drilling, notching, welding, mesh welding, coating, etc.

Companies are using state-of-the-art technologies for achieving perfection. Whether you are trying to find a triangle sheet to fit in with your tray/box requirement, you can easily get the work done with custom plastic fabrication service.

For a perfect plastic fabrication service, it is important for you to approach a corporation that has been providing custom plastic fabrication service for years as they know and understand the need of their customers properly and provide the required service in a prompt manner.

Getting something custom fabricated always will cost you money. A unique fabrication service will seek for different value and the amount would surely differ from fabricator to fabricator. You ought to approach a variety of companies and invite quotations online to get hold of the best price quote.

Regarding the service quality of the particular business can always take the help of the client reviews, web reviews and ratings.

How can the custom plastic fabrication service help?

Custom plastic fabrication means making anything from decorative plastic screens and gates, mezzanine flooring, tubular parts, or maybe plastic wire. Most steel fabricator operators use a state-of-the-art laser which permits them to figure the exact measurements. So, if you are unsure of the measurement you are seeking for you can always take help from the custom plastic fabricators.

Cost of Custom Plastic Fabrication Products

Many businesses require custom fabrication solutions for a precise application. They intend to take the service only because they know each of the plastic has their own match and requirement. So, the cost of plastic fabrication depends on the following:


The size of the custom plastic fabrication project can only be completed if you have an excellent influence on the general cost. You know the cost of the fabrication depends on the products size and need. Just understand, higher the project requires more will be the cost of labor and other materials.


The plastic used for custom fabrication will affect its worth too. Plastics that are commonly used include aluminium and chrome steel. However, in the Australian market, you do have other plastics like tungsten, brass, and copper as an expensive replacement. Likewise, alloys are merely utilized for custom fabrications whereas gold and silver products are only used after indications.

How to save on custom plastic fabrication?

The best way to save on fabrications is by utilizing high-quality long-lasting materials. You will find a plastic fabrication service in Australia that will deliver your required services within set the budget.

So before making an investment on plastic fabrication you can do a little bit of market survey get an online quote from different vendors and then finalize your pick.

However, before that, you need to understand the fabricators,


As different fabricating companies specialize in different services, you must identify the sort of specialization you need for your application. Once you have done this you will also need to research their production capacities, its structures, and the material they are using for the fabrication process. You do not you are your precious materials to be destroyed by the vendors, do you? So, understanding their capabilities is a must.


Compare the costs of various fabricators that meet your requirements then compare the standard of their work to identify the worth they are offering. Note that one company could have higher cost than others not because they are overcharging but because they are professional. Picking up a low-cost vendor can eventually soar the price if the work is not done correctly.


Save time and get your plastic sheets fabricated within a short span of time. With no more back forth mails or telephone conversation, you can get guaranteed quality service in plastic fabrication in not more than 2-3 working days. To understand the working methodology of Any Shape Plastic, you can connect with us!

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