A little bit of DIY might come in handy if you want to replace your flooring. Vinyl plank flooring is a wonderful option because of its longevity and easy upkeep. Because vinyl tiles are typically offered in specified, pre-cut sizes, homeowners are frequently forced to trim the material to their desired size.  

But you don’t have to worry as it is extremely easy to cut it and install it. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about renting big tools and heavy machinery. 

This helps them fit the vinyl tile around furniture or along the margins of the walls. There are many methods you can choose to create a beautiful design that will enhance the look of your house. Not only is vinyl flooring durable, but it also goes a long way. 

You have many options like Miter saw Tile cutter, Hand saw utility knife and many more. One of the most asked questions is if you can cut vinyl flooring planks with a utility knife. And the answer is yes. 

Here is a quick guide on how you can use a utility knife on a DIY project of flooring your house 


Use Of Utility Knife to Cut Vinyl Floor  


A utility knife, often known as a box cutter, is the most commonly used instrument for cutting vinyl plank floors. The score-and-snap method is used to score the plank before bending the offcut piece to snap the plank across the scoreboard.  

If you’re precise and careful, you’ll discover that this strategy works nicely. In the event of an accident, the brake line following the snap may not be clean. However, in the hands of someone who knows how to utilize them, they can operate quite well. The blade is sharp enough to cut through vinyl plank flooring without damaging the flooring underneath. 


How Do I Use a Utility Knife to Cut Vinyl Flooring? 


A DIY project is meant to be easy and flexible. You just need three things for this, and those are a utility knife, a marker or tape, and a vinyl plank. It will take just 15-20 minutes and you will have new flooring.  

First thing first, remove all the furniture from the area/room where you want to place the flooring and lay down newspapers. To make things easier, you will have to use cardboard or cloth.  

Make sure you use a sharp utility knife to cut around the vinyl flooring to get the best result. Don’t rush and cut a substantial chunk on your first try, as you can always go back and make a few more cuts if not enough.  

As it is one of the simplest ways, you don’t need to hire a professional or rent heavy equipment. However, you will have to follow a few steps if you are a first timer.  


The Steps That You Need to Follow  


Though it is way simpler to use, you will have to follow the instructions to get the best result. You should know how to work on the corners and while cutting it.  

Here is a quick guide that you can follow to get the best results.  

  1. Decide on the angle that you want to cut the curve at. You should know where you want to start.  
  2. Make sure you take measurements in -between and of your last cut. This way, you will get a perfect cut without any mistakes.  
  3. The type of cut you make also depends on how you are holding the knife. You should always hold the knife in a perpendicular position to your work surface. This ensures it is just above halfway from the top edge to the bottom edge of the cut line. 
  4. Before making the actual cut, you have to draw a straight line from your first point. This will help you to establish an opposite point from which you will trim-cut toward the curve.  
  5.  You then press down at a 45-degree angle before lightly holding your utility knife in place while you rotate it clockwise about an inch.  
  6. Finish it with a vertical line pressing down on an opposing 45-degree angle.  
  7. You will have to repeat this step 3–4 times and start your curve-cutting on the opposite side of the line.

Other Things That You Can Use to Cut Vinyl Flooring  


There are other things that you can use to cut the vinyl flooring except for the utility knife. Here are a few other options which are easily available on the market.  


Tile Cutter  


Another item to consider when cutting your vinyl plank floors is a tile cutter. However, this will be dependent on the sort of tile cutter used. Ceramic tile cutters are not recommended for the job since they may scratch the floor’s surface. The fault line may eventually crack and break off. 

A laminate and vinyl tile cutter with razor-sharp blades is the best option. Its cleanly cuts through the plank. The tile cutter may not be able to cut through the backing in some circumstances. You can finish the task with a utility knife.. 

Miter Saw  


A miter saw is another readily available instrument for cutting vinyl planks. However, it will only work for certain types of cuts. 

The miter saw may look like a table saw but instead of being pushed towards the spinning blade, the blade is propelled toward the material.  




There are many Dremel tools that can effectively cut vinyl boards. Since creating the high-speed rotary tool in 1934, Dremel has been known globally for high-quality tools used in a variety of applications. 


Circular Saw  


Another option for you to cut the vinyl tile is by using a circular saw. Only a few people own a circular saw in their garage or woodshop that can be used to cut vinyl plank flooring. It is more efficient than a jigsaw in making longitudinal rip cuts. 


Jig Saw  


A jigsaw is another instrument for cutting vinyl planks to size. Many homeowners prefer to use a jigsaw since it allows for a variety of cuts and shapes. 

 In fact, you can use this tool to make any cut you need. It is best suited for making tiny cuts and crosscuts, but it is a little slower when it comes to ripping cuts along the length of the vinyl board. 


Table Saw  


A table saw, which aids in rip cutting, is the next item you’ll need to cut your vinyl boards. When there isn’t enough space between the second last plank and the wall to fit a full vinyl plank, this is usually done. 

As you push through the saw blades, a table saw can support the length of the plank. 


Hand Saw  


Some homeowners cut their vinyl boards to size using a handsaw. However, avoid using a rip saw, which is meant to cut through wood.  

A hand saw with fine teeth, or a hacksaw is perfect since it leaves a clean cut and does not damage the edges of the vinyl. To leave a nice edge cut on the vinyl planks, use a flush-cut pull saw. 


Straight Crosscut


Making a straight cut is not only to make the vinyl plank look good, but it also helps to make a clean snap.  

Crosscuts are cuts made perpendicular to the length of a board to make it shorter. Crosscuts are stated to go “against” the wood grain while cutting wood. In addition, there are additional concerns about avoiding splintering the wood. 


Long Rip-Cut


Rip cuts are cuts that narrow a board and run parallel to its length. Because luxury vinyl planks are normally 4 feet long, a square cannot be used to guide your knife.  

You’ll need a different kind of straightedge instead. 


Cutting Curve


Curves and notched cutouts are more difficult than straight crosscuts and rip cuts since the waste is not removed in a single piece. To make a notch, first, make the two end cuts (crosscuts), then the single cut (rip cut) at the bottom of the notch. 




No doubt, it is comparatively easy to work with vinyl plank floors. As an example, you can quickly cut the material to the necessary size using common household tools. 

 However, if you are unsure about doing the job yourself, we strongly advise you to get expert assistance. 

 Aside from being a risky project to undertake, it can also be pricey if mistakes are made. 

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